Rural Extension Project

The Clarke School understands the need for the education of the hearing impaired in the rural areas too. We have started a Rural Extension Project in Chengalmal Village, about 38 kilometers from the city on the Old Mahabalipuram Road. This project has 34 children with special needs in a residential setup. The maintenance of this project is completely done by the main school. 

The objectives of the Rural Extension Project are to provide educational, vocational and recreational facilities to the rural disabled and to provide adequate services to them to ensure full academic, physical, mental and social development. Apart from academic education, which is imparted using the same methodology as in the main school, they are also trained in tailoring, home science, carpentry and agriculture. 

New School Project Consultancy

Being a school of national and international acclaim, we are often approached by individuals and organizations to help them start schools for the hearing-impaired and the intellectually challenged. The Sathyalok Center and the MGR School for the Hearing and Speech Impaired are two schools in the city of Chennai that have benefited from our technical assistance. Besides Chennai, we have helped start schools in Mayiladuthurai, Neyveli and Pondicherry in the state of Tamil Nadu, We have also helped start a school for the hearing impaired in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

If you are interested in talking to us at Clarke School to discuss starting a new school, contact us at the